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Sunrise on a classic yacht

If you can rise with the lark, you'll see something amazing.

We leave the port half an hour before sunrise. The eastern sky is beginning to show some light and the colours start to build.

The sun is getting ready to rise out of the sea, and we are sailing towards it. The pre-sunrise colours are almost as awesome as the sunrise itself.

Typically there will be no wind at this hour, and the sea will be flat calm. We'll raise the mainsail just to steady the boat. We motor out into the still calm and are surrounded by the colours.

After the sun rises we carry on for half an hour with the sun dead ahead.

Then we turn around and have the early morning city spread before us, bathed in the warm early morning sunshine.

Finally, back to port where the cafes are opening and you can enjoy a breakfast of champions. You will have seen the city in a way very few people ever do. A truly memorable start to your day.

You can get a taste of the experience on this episode of the CNN show In 24 Hours - Barcelona.

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